About Us

About Us

Sun & Stars – Family Shop

Founded in 2004. Sun and Stars second-hand clothes shop of its kind in Tetovo and Skopje. The first years were a real challenge for Mimoza and Avni as an entrepreneur, but also for her offer in the market. Over time, the reputation and demand for Sun & Stars offer increased, Mimoza came to the conclusion that it is time to turn this challenge into a real business, and since then has been working towards the continuous development of this business. The company already has a chain of stores in several cities in Macedonia: Tetovo, Skopje, Gostivar. There is currently one store in Tetovo, two in Skopje, one in Gostivar. Sun and Stars is the official representative of Trasborg - a Danish second-hand clothing company, which offers quality goods for every taste. There are currently 18 employees within the company and their number is growing every day.

I Am POWER – Membership only CLUB

Successful people are not selfish in sharing their experiences with others. From this maxim also comes the Mimoza's new idea for business -   - the creation of a certified program with training and workshops, a program obtained from the certified platform in which Mimoza participates, and as a six member of private club GIN-USA is competent in following these trainings to all interested parties. The program is named as I am power - I am the power and functions as a Club with a membership system. By becoming a member of this platform, members will be trained and advised in the spirit of traders and businessmen on how to work and define their goals. The trainings will be led by Mimoza, but as speakers and advisors will also appear  traders and other businessmen from Macedonia and abroad.

I am Water- Artesian Water from Sharr Mountain


Iam Water, Scardica® was a vision, now a creation of Mimoza and Avni Thaqi from Tetovo. Being in the business since 1999 they have built their successful "Sun and Stars" brand. Despite the fact that North Macedonia is a relatively small country, Sharr Mountain holds one of the best quality spring water in the world.  On a hike across the mountains, Avni found a water spring, filled his palm with water and from the moment that he drank he knew that this water was something extraordinary. He immediately took the water to a laboratory for testing. The results were shocking to everyone. The water quality was above the charts compared to any other they have ever tested. Avni and Mimoza were devoted to serve this water not only to their country and nation, but to the whole world.

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